7th International Symposium on Food Intolerance & Digestive Health

Transforming Health Through Food!

The International Symposium on Food Intolerance and Digestive Health is designed to bring together experts, researchers, and practitioners from various fields related to digestive health and food intolerance and sensitivity. During the symposium, renowned speakers will present their research findings, share insights from their clinical practice, and engage in discussions on the latest trends and challenges in the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts, network with fellow professionals, and enhance their understanding of food intolerance and its impact on digestive health. The symposium seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice, ultimately benefiting patients and improving healthcare outcomes in this area.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront

CME Accreditation

Why to attend?

International Symposium on Food Intolerance & Digestive Health is planned to offer a prominent
opening to the experts in the field of Gastroenterologists, Internal and Family Medicine,
Paediatricians, Nutrition, Food Sciences and Dietetics to discuss latest research and challenges in the
health field.



Dr. Mazin Rasool Aljabiri, MD

Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, UAE

Dr. Anju Nabi, MD

MD, Head of Immunology, Microbiologist Specialist, Dubai Hospital, DAHC Dubai Academic Health Corporation, UAE

Mrs. Naaznin Husein

Founder Director-Freedom Wellness Management, Chairperson – Nutrify India Dietetics, India.

Dr. Nigel Abraham, PhD, FIBMS, FRSM

Scientific Director at Omega Diagnostics Ltd., UK

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